Progressives Lenses

Progressives eyeglasses are most popular for people after age of 40
as no one likes to advertise their age after havingdifficulty with reading. Progressives
lenses are also called “No-line Biofocals” and “Multifocal Lens”.

 Benefits of Progressives Lenses

Progressives Lenses are the best choice having multiple benefits

  • Better than Bifocals eyeglasses as bifocals have two power and progressives have three powers.
  • Best for people having presbyopia to see clearly all distance.
  • Effective for Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS ) When using a Computer for extended periods.
  • Compatible with all Shape of frames.

Best Uses

Progressives Lenses are Perfect in many Situations

For Driving

Progressives lens modified by your remedy would be the most ideal decisions to wear while driving covering close, middle of the road, and far territory to imagine unmistakably to drive securely with comfort.

For General Daily Usage

Progressives lenses are strongly suggested for generally useful agreeable view with more extensive visual fields at all separations. Covering close, halfway, and far territory to see obviously surrounding you.

For Office Use

Progressive lenses are reasonable for office work while working at PC or taking care of out documents alongside removed view.

Sport and Outdoor Activities

Progressives lens an elite decision for sports and outside exercises with solace and ideal answer for golf players and sports sweetheart.

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