Eyeglasses Nose Pads Turn Green

How to Clean and Prevent Green Discoloration on Eyeglass Nose Pads

Despite the small size of the glasses’ nose pads, they have the important task of keeping your eyeglasses in a comfortable position on your face. But unfortunately, nose pads are susceptible to discolouration when exposed to dust and grime on the nose bridge. Moreover, in the summer season, sweat and natural skin oils can cause nose pads to turn green. For a solution, you can clean your nose pads regularly or find a new pair.

Why do nose pads turn green?

Our glasses’ nose pads turn green because most of the glasses contain copper accessories in them. However, in the summer, copper and sweat mix for a long time, so it corrodes, rusts, and leads to discolouration. The greenness in nose pads is the result of a combination of copper salts produced by the copper element in the coating and inorganic salts in sweat. The colour of the copper is green, so that’s why our nose pads turn green. Most people sweat a lot during the summer, so if you sweat a lot and the lens bracket is made of metal, the nasal bracket may easily turn green. The nose pads turn green due to the oxidation caused by combining copper and nickel with the oil in the skin. In addition, some glasses are made of a kind of copper called Monel. It is a corroded metal that doesn’t react with chemicals.

What is the basic reason for pigmentation on the nose?

Usually, 70 to 80% of pigmentation is caused by the sun. Direct UV rays while you are inside the home or out without concern of season in any season can cause pigmentation.

Is there any treatment for hyperpigmentation?

Yes, ample medical products are part of the market. Other than medical treatment, various natural remedies also exist to get rid of this issue.

How do I clean nose pads?

Now you are aware of the reason why nose pads turn green. The next step is to clean them as soon as possible. There are various techniques and options for cleaning your glasses and removing the green colour from your nose pads. Here we mention some of the valuable techniques:

1. Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol: 

The first step you can try is rubbing with alcohol when your nose pads turn green. This will remove all the germs and dead skin. To implement this technique, you must first wash your hands and get a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Then dip a paper towel or a cotton ball in the solution and wipe off the nose pads and other areas of the glasses with that rubbing alcohol solution until something comes off from the glasses’ surface.

Can I use alcohol to clean my glasses?

Though alcohol is a good option to clean the greenness on the notepad, it experts do not recommend cleaning the lenses with alcohol. It is because the item is harsh and can easily damage the material, especially the lenses.

2. Remove Copper Oxidation: 

As we discussed earlier, nose pads turn green due to the oxidation caused by the combination of nickels and natural oil in the skin. When we remove the copper oxidation, the discolouration of the nose pads automatically returns to its original colour. Here’s how you can clean the glasses.

  1. Mix vinegar and baking soda in a bowl.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth or a Q-tip to rub the mixed solution over the nose pads and the surrounding area of the glasses.
  3. Continue cleaning until you see the metal and nose pads regain their shine.
  4. After rubbing, use a dry cloth to polish the nose pads and metal area; a washcloth is the best option.
  5. Rinse the glasses with warm water or clean water.

3. Ultrasonic Cleansing:

An ultrasonic cleanser is another option for cleaning nose pads. It can remove dirt and greenish mud from the nose pads through vibration. The equipment is readily available in most optical shops.

Which liquid is preferable to use an ultrasonic cleaner?

First of all, we need to realize that ultrasonic cleaner is designed to work on the frames. But according to the experience of some people, it offers excellent results.

4. Change your nose pads: 

If the above techniques don’t work, it’s time to change your nose pads. You can easily replace your nose pads at the nearest optical store or any other eyeglasses retailer. You can also see if any replacement nose pads are included with your glasses for free when you buy these frames or if there is any insurance related to these by contacting your optician where you purchase these glasses.

Is changing the nose pad the final solution to eliminating the greenness?

No, it is not because removing the greenness is possible with many options. So, never consider it as the final step or solution. Change nose pads when they are broken or damaged.

Does the nose pad turn green and become harmful to the skin?

Copper rust and oxidation contain bacteria that can affect the skin and cause breakouts or some skin irritation. High-end glasses are made of alloy material with lead and nickel, not exceeding the standards. But low-end or cheap glasses may not contain an environmentally friendly alloy that may harm your skin if it rusts.


The nose pads’ green color sometimes irritates and has a slightly gross feel. But don’t worry, it’s normal. Through these techniques, you can easily clean your nose pads, and it’s also possible to replace these with new ones without spending a lot more money on new frames.

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