Glasses hurt your nose

Why do Glasses Hurt your Nose?

You find a beautiful pair of glasses that complement your face. You also love them. But you don’t love it when you feel discomfort. Sometimes, our favourite glasses can cause nose pain, pain behind the ears, and even eye strain. In this article, let’s discuss “Why do glasses hurt my nose pad?” and “What to do when glasses hurt your nose?” The main cause of nasal bridge pain is because the nose pad of the glasses is too tight. The nose pad is a supportive add-on to the eyeglasses for better adjustment. A nose pad helps keep your glasses in place when you bend over or move.

Why do Glasses Hurt My Nose?

Glasses are not supposed to hurt the nose. The primary purpose of the nose pad is to help your eyewear fit comfortably on your face without the need for constant pushing. Most people who suffer from their glasses’ nose hurting are usually dealing with their nose pads digging into the bridges of their nose, leaving marks on the nose. This is likely due to the glasses being too heavy, or they might not sit well on the nose. Glasses that fit well should sit on the nose bridge properly without pinching it. The frame shouldn’t pinch your face while bending, moving, or nodding. If your glasses are pinching or shifting around, your fit is surely off. Moreover, If you face persistent pain, first visit an eye specialist to ensure your fit is right.

If nose pads are not appropriately positioned against your face, they can dig in, causing pain. A fit adjustment of your glasses on the nose pad is the only solution to your problems. Typically, plastic frames are built to rest directly on the nose, while metal frames have supportive nose pads that distribute the weight evenly. Some glasses frames are heavier with a secure fit, which can hurt your nose pad.

6 ways to relieve Glasses Nose Pad Pain: 

Dealing with nose pad pain due to glasses can be upsetting, especially if it becomes a chronic issue. There are different ways to prevent or help relieve the pain. We’ll discuss the six main ways to relieve nose pad pain:

1. Don’t wear Glasses on the Nose Bridge

If your glasses are too heavy or too tight, don’t wear them on the bridge of your nose. Because if you wear it on the bridge of the nose, it will put unnecessary weight pressure on it. Try to push them from time to time towards the scalp. That way, the frame will sit on top of or behind the ears and distribute the weight more equally.

2. Switch out your Nose Pad. 

If you’re facing nose pad pain or any discomfort, switch your nose pad to another type that feels more comfortable and adjustable. They come in various shapes, colours, and sizes, so you should be able to find the perfect one that’s adjustable for your glasses and comfortable for your nose.

3. Apply Petroleum Jelly: 

Most people use petroleum jelly or lip balm as a pain reliever for nose pad pain. Applying petroleum jelly or a lip balm around the area where the eyeglasses pads hurt helps relieve the pain. The added lubrication in the gel helps to reduce the friction between the skin and the pads.

4. Different Frame Material: 

The material of the frame plays a role in how the frame feels on your face. If the lighter frames didn’t help, try changing the frames to heavier ones like titanium, steel, or plastic that fit more appropriately on the face and do not hurt your eyes.

5. Take Care of your Nose: 

Sometimes glasses are not so overweight that they cause pain around the nose pad, but your pain comes from dry skin. Most people have dry skin during different seasons, which also causes pain. So, if you’re facing pain due to dry skin, try to use moisturizers after each time you put on makeup or glasses. But be sure to use a moisturizer that doesn’t contain fragrance because it can irritate your skin more. This should help remove dead cell buildup and relieve the pain by preventing irritation and redness.

6. Consult with the Optician: 

If none of these solutions works to relieve your nose pad pain and the pain is causing a chronic issue, see your doctor immediately and discuss new options, such as finding better-fitting glasses or any type of lens. Eyes are the most precious gift, and we must take care of them at any cost.

Final Thoughts: 

You can avoid pain in your new glasses by understanding why your nose pad hurts. It’s challenging to prevent nose markings and your nose from hurting while you depend on your lenses and must wear glasses 24/7. Fortunately, these tips are the best ways to mitigate the damage and prevent it from happening in the first place. By practising good skin care and learning how to find glasses that are an exact fit for your face, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable frames that can cause pain and leave marks on your nose bridge.

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