EASY SIGHT Photochromic lenses helps you keep single pair of glasses for indoor and outdoor purpose. It automatically, darkens in sunlight and clears in door. EASY SIGHT photochromic sunglasses are two in one, convenient eye glasses and sunglasses


Photochromic Functionality

EASY SIGHT Photochromic lenses tend to be more sensitive to U.V light and convert from light to dark fast. EASY SIGHT photochromic lenses performance are much better from different manufacturers.

EASY SIGHT offers better features of Photochromic Glasses.

Fiirstly, the ability to darken the intensity could be as low as 45% and as high 87%.

Secondly, the conversion speed from clear to dark, it can be as fast as one minute or as long as six minutes, and most importantly, dark to clear, may vary in some brands.It can reach up to 10 minutes!.

Finally, the residual color or the basic lens color could be as low as 2% or as high 30% when the photochromatic is not activated.