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Top 5 Glasses Frames for Men in 2021

A great pair of eyeglasses can create the right balance and enhance your appearance. The rule of thumb while selecting the perfect glasses frames is to choose a shape that is opposite to your facial features. It will look more prominent. If you have a round face and softer features it is recommended to go for square ones whereas choose round frames if you have a square angular face. Similarly, when you choose sunglasses for men, keep in mind the shape of your face, features, and your personality. Sunglasses make you look stylish while protecting your eyes from sunlight exposure. If you are looking for new eyeglasses, read on to choose a great pair. Make a trendy choice that fits your personality.

Top Tips for Eyeglasses You Should Consider When Choosing Glasses for Men:

Choose the right glasses according to your face shape.

Face Shape:

Oval Face:

Geometric shapes are the best for an oval face. This shape highlights your face symmetry. The frame should have a strong bridge and be broader than the widest part of your face. Avoid eyeglasses that cover more than half of your face. It can throw off your natural symmetry.

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Square Face:

If your face shape is square, choose a frame that helps in softening the angles of your face. It should sit higher on the bridge of the nose. You can select oval or round glasses frames to make your face look thin. Stand out with angular frames, that will make your features look sharp.


If you have a heart-shaped face, look for frames that can balance your wide forehead and narrow chin. Select low-set temples and bottom-heavy frames. You can either choose square frames with slightly curved edges or round glasses to balance the face. Avoid colors that will attract attention towards your forehead and also avoid decorative temple designs.

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Round Face:

Make your face long and slim with rectangular or square eyeglasses. You can add more balance to your face with these shapes. Choosing round or rimless frames highlights the round feature more. You should avoid it.

Diamond Face:

If you have narrow features, especially your chin and forehead, cat-eye shape and oval shape frames will look the best on you. They will highlight your delicate features.

Which Colors Match the Skin Tone?

When choosing a suitable pair of eyeglasses, along with the shape of your face consider your skin tone.

Cool Complexion:

If your skin undertone is pink or blue consider choosing black, blue, mauve, grey, pink, purple, or silver frames. Avoid selecting frames that wash you out.

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Warm Tone:

If your skin’s undertone is warm depicting a yellow, golden, or bronze complexion choose colours like olive green, beige, brown, gold, and honey. Avoid white, black, or pastel frames.


Your eyeglasses show everything about your personality. Your glasses say it all about you, the frames you choose will express your professionalism or your fun-loving side. It is appropriate to have a few pairs of eyeglasses for different occasions. Try fun colours that make you look trendy.


Well, your lifestyle depicts the need for your glasses. Consider your daily activities for which you will be wearing glasses. Functionality is the most important factor when choosing the right glasses frames. Choose a frame that can bend and twist easily if you have an active lifestyle.

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Eyeglasses where to buy?

You can always consider frames that can make you appear younger. You can choose a frame with a hint of colour on the outer corners. Lift the face with cat-eye frames to look younger. Avoid aviator shapes or frames with heavy bottoms. It is a smart choice to look for simple-looking wireframes. Especially if you don’t want to make a big statement. The right frame can provide you with the maximum versatility in design. The top optical frames include clear frames, feather-light eyeglasses, basic black rims, beige unisex glasses, and retro frames.

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