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Top 10 Women Eyeglasses Frames

Ladies!!!! While concerning your look, Are eyeglasses a part of it or not??? Sometimes, wearing glasses all time is your requirement. But the use of style, easy availability and attractive framework makes it more comfortable to wear. Easy sight is responsible for delivering the best available eyeglasses with quality frames at reasonable prices. Learn here the top 10 eyeglasses available at easy sight.

1. Audere P-1098

Eyewear is becoming an accessory with time. Easysight is becoming one of the brands delivering the best eyeglasses. These eyeglasses frames are round in shape and having quality plastic material used. Each lens width size is 46mm and length is 42mm. In addition, 22mm bridge width makes it easy to wear and support the frame properly.

These glasses are available to you in two colors black and white. In addition, the use of the bifocal and progressive lens with the best quality is public here.

2. Braun P-0965

Braun eye frame is square in shape with good quality plastic material used. Each lens width size is 53mm. The arm length of 142mm makes it not slip or move.

These glasses are available to you in brown color. Furthermore, it is crafted with proper attention, light in weight, primarily focused on quality.

3. Lueur P-1704

Lueur is square shape frame with plastic material used in it. This product is specially made for women with a lens width of 52mm. Easy sight struggles best regarding eyewear manufacturing and making your online experience the best. These glasses are available in blue color with the use of a bifocal and progressive lens. Indeed, these glasses give you a modern look.

4. Rejia P-5026

Rejia eyewear is a rounded shape frame and of lightweight plastic material. These glasses are available in black and green colors. Rejia P-5026 is the best quality eyewear keeping in mind the styling and trending with time. It is also available at an affordable price online at easy sight.

5. Reading glasses P-1099

Firstly, it is available at a reasonable price of Rs 1550. These glasses are black with the best plastic material manufacturing. It is also available in various numbers of +1.5, +2.00 and +2.50. The reading of material can be possible with the help of these available online glasses.

 6. Voldem P-1203

Voldem eyewear is round in shape with quality plastic material. However, as round in shape, these glasses are suitable for any face shape and skin tone. This eyewear is made with proper handling and special care.

In addition, this eyewear is available to you in black and pink color for women. So if you want a classy look, go and purchase it.

7. Octavia M-1013

Perhaps, Octavia M-1013 is the choice of your elders. You can see this eyewear in hexagon shape made up of the best quality metal material. Furthermore, this eyewear is available to you in a variety of colors like golden, silver, golden black and silver black. You will be undoubtedly proud of your choice regarding quality.

8. Frio P-1729

We are struggling daily to make the best quality eyewear. So we consider your requirement valuably. Frio P-1729 is a wayfarer shape frame with plastic material used in it. The color of this frame is black. You will find style in it.

9. Impressio M-1090

It is a rimless shape frame with metal material used in it specially made for women. Making your vision clear is the dream of every customer. Impressio as made up of metal, gives you a potent product.

10. Tura MP-706

Tura MP-706 is a product of both plastic and metal material. Its arms are of the best quality plastic and the lens frame is of metal material. This eyewear is easy to wear, light in weight and attractive design. The prices are also reasonable. Hope you like it!!

Easy sight online services can help you:

  • Firstly, using the best available material in all products.
  • Secondly, ensure the quality of our products at reasonable prices.
  • In addition, we are providing orders in time.
  • Above all, we consider customer feedback valuably.

These are our top recommendations for you, Choose more from a wide range of unique and trendy designs available at our shop.

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