Top Ten Round Eyeglass Frames in Pakistan Online 2024

Gold frame glasses with clear lenses on a table. Round eyeglass frames add a touch of sophistication.

Round spectacles are a classic symbol of intellectualism and accessible style that has withstood the test of fashion. Round eyewear is a common choice for both men and women in Pakistan, where style is a dynamic fusion of heritage and innovation. However, with so many variations on the traditional circle, how can you choose the ideal pair to complement your style and face shape? This blog post explores the world of round eyeglass frames in Pakistan, looking at various materials, frame types, and current fashions.

Top Round Eyeglass Frames in Pakistan

When we talk precisely about the top round eyeglass frames in Pakistan or any other country worldwide, we have hundreds of options. Considering the demand for these frames, every glasses company, from Ray-Ban to Wayfarers, focuses on them. We discuss the top ten trending circle frames that we guarantee you will like!

The Quintessential Round

It originates from round frames, featuring perfect circles for a timeless look. These frames flatter most face shapes, particularly those with sharp angles like squares or rectangles, by softening the jawline. Made from various materials such as metal, acetate, and plastic, these frames come in numerous colors and finishes, ensuring a perfect pair for everyone. In Pakistan, these classic frames are widely available in optical stores and online retailers.

Tortoise Shell Round Eyeglass Frames

Modern tortoiseshell glass frames are often composed of cellulose acetate and have a distinctive brown, amber, and black mottled pattern. Between the 18th and 20th centuries, this traditional design was created using the shells of Hawksbill turtles to make spectacles. Therefore, for a touch of sophistication, the tortoiseshell pattern adds timeless elegance to round frames.  Tortoiseshell frames are available in Pakistani eyewear stores, urban boutiques, and online shops.

Wire Round

Thin wireframes exude lightness and are perfect for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. These frames add a touch of delicacy and work well with various face shapes. Moreover, they often come in metals like stainless steel or titanium, offering durability without compromising style. Wireframes are especially popular for their barely-there feel, making them a favorite for everyday wear. You can find a wide selection of wire round frames in Pakistani optical stores and online marketplaces.

The Quirky Keyhole Round

This unique style features a small cutout at the bridge, adding a touch of personality to your look. The keyhole bridge adds visual interest and comfortably fits various nose shapes. Keyhole eyeglasses and sunglasses best suit individuals with more significant nose bridges. Besides, Keyhole bridge glasses are the way for everyone who desires a better fitting and comfortable frame. In addition, these round frames can be found in specialty eyewear shops and online stores across Pakistan and are available in various materials and colors.

Browline Round

Browline frames have a thicker top rim and a thinner lower rim, reminiscent of vintage spectacles. They add a touch of retro charm and work well with oval or round faces. This style offers a bold, defined look that accentuates the browline while maintaining a lightweight feel. Browline glasses — also known as the club master — feature an eyebrow design where the top part of the frame is thicker than the bottom for an unmistakably defined look. The top of the glasses is usually made of acetate or plastic, and the bottom has a thinner construction to support the lens.

Cat-Eye Round

This design adds a feminine and fun touch by combining the circular form with a slight upward tilt at the outside corners. Heart-shaped features look especially good with cat-eye circular frames since they accentuate the cheekbones and eyes. Depending on your hue and accessories, these frames may be dressed up or down.

Oversized Round Glasses

Oversized frames are a statement item for individuals looking to make a big fashion statement. They fit nicely with oval, oblong, or diamond-shaped faces and appear strikingly. Bold and stylish looks are possible with oversized circular frames, which frequently have thick rims and come in various colors and patterns. So, with many alternatives accessible in upscale optical stores and online, this style is incredibly well-liked in Pakistan among fashion-forward people.

Double Bridge Round Glasses

This unique style features two bridges, one on top of the other, adding a vintage flair and a touch of sophistication. The double bridge design provides additional structural support and a distinctive look that sets these frames apart. Furthermore, these round frames are suitable for round or oval faces, offering a stylish and sturdy option.

Aviator Round Glasses

With their broader top rim and somewhat rounded form, aviator frames lend an air of masculinity. Due to their unique style and ability to flatten square or angular features, these frames—first created for pilots—have become a fashion standard. Aviator round frames combine design and comfort with materials like metal and acetate, and they frequently include adjustable nose pads.

Clear Round Glasses

Clear frames are a stylish choice that can improve your appearance and be dressed up or down. Transparent or translucent acetate gives these frames a sleek and modern look. Most face forms compliment clear round frames, which are also sufficiently adaptable to any ensemble. This contemporary look, found at several optical and fashion eyewear retailers like Easyight, is growing in popularity in Pakistan.


Round eyeglass frames remain timeless and versatile, effortlessly blending tradition and modernity. Whether you prefer the classic Quintessential Round, the sophisticated Tortoise Shell, or the minimalist Wire Round, there’s a style to suit every face shape and personal taste. In Pakistan, the variety and availability of these frames ensure that everyone can find their perfect pair, enhancing their look with elegance and flair.

Who should wear round eyeglass frames?

Round spectacles work well on faces that are more square. All it takes is balance: Sharper’s faces go better with softer frames, and rounder faces work better with stricter lines. Round frames go well with the following facial shapes: Square Strong jawlines and eyebrows give square features a boxy appearance.

Who should not wear these glasses?

People with long and straight eyebrows should not opt for these glasses. Furthermore, the size of the glasses is crucial: they shouldn’t cover up your eyebrows.

What are the benefits of round eyeglass frames?

Round eyeglass frames soften angles and lend a classic appeal to suit various facial types. They are a timeless and adaptable style. In addition, they improve every ensemble and come in multiple fabrics and colors that quickly go from casual to dressy.

When were circle eyeglass frames introduced?

The history of round eyeglass frames traces back to Italy in the thirteenth century. By the eighteenth century, they had changed from wood, leather, or bone frames to metal frames. Therefore, round frames gained popularity among celebrities and intellectuals. These frames have stood the test of time as a classic representation of elegance and refinement.

How do I choose the round eyeglass frames that suit my face?

When selecting round eyeglass frames, consider the shape of your face. Round faces tend to pick angular frames, while angular faces benefit from softer, round frames. Make sure the frames enhance your overall appearance by matching your skin tone, expressing your unique style, and being appropriate to the size of your face.

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