Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses

Reading is a healthy activity, but carelessness can lead to eye damage, and here, reading glasses help us. Reading glasses or progressive lenses are a primary need for every other individual. Considering this necessity, Easysight stands at number one, providing reading glasses or progressive lenses at affordable prices in Pakistan. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us or book reading glasses online with a huge variety.

Customized Reading Glasses

For Better Reading Experience

OTC (over-the-counter) reading glasses from online retailers or discount store would never be a great choice as most of them are made by unstable and Plastic Lenses that are breakable and also distort vision.

EASY SIGHT Reading glasses are made with high quality materials, including acetate, TR and other, keeping your Fashion choices in priority. EASY SIGHT Reading glasses are much durable, reliable and best for vision.

Select Reading Glasses by Usage

EASY SIGHT  Reading glasses come in three lens type:

-Progressive Lenses with multi power having near, intermediate and far vision. It is best for whole day usage.

-Single Vision Lenses with one near vision area.

-Bifocal Lenses with both, near and distance, area.

Select Reading Glasses for Indoor E-Reading

EASY SIGHT presents Reading glasses with Fashion and Functionality.

You often feel eye strain or headaches after reading on your  Smart phone, Tablet and Laptop. These symptoms can be relieved by using Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses which are best for E-Reading on Digital Devices.

Select Reading Glasses for Outdoor Solo Reading

Enjoying Sunshine at the pool or beach while reading books or playing on phone or tablet. Tinted Lenses UV Protection would be best choice to prevent interference of annoying bright glare.