Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses

EASY SIGHT Prescription Sunglasses facilitate you to use sunglasses even you have a high prescription. It makes it easy for myopic to use sunglasses during day time, driving or enjoying at beach or trip. For Prescription Sunglasses, you can use a pair separately from your glasses or can be facilitated by EASYSIGHT photochromic feature by having single pair for both purposes. This facility makes you free from handling two pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses or to use magnetic clip-on as for workaholic people it is difficult to manage more than one pair of accessories.

It is also a need of fashionista-related males and females to hide their weakness of eyes by using EASYSIGHT Prescription Sunglasses. So keep your eye safe and feel safe.

 Tints of Prescribed Sunglasses

Tinted EASY SIGHT Prescribed Sunglasses  can be made in different hues and can serve as a fashion accessory. These tints of

EASY SIGHT prescribed sunglasses full fills all your vision needs and looks as well

Grey Tinted or black tints highly protects from Sunlight rays and provides best shading Gray tints are most used tint colour in prescribed sunglasses.

Dark green Tints are loved by professionals who wants to keep themselves protected from sunlight rays and have different look too. They give good effect while outdoor activities.

Brown lenses, are best in less intensive light and good for general use. It is second highly selected colour among all. It tends to provide good sontrast.

Blue Tinted sun glasses not only protects well but also give trendy look. It reduce glare in rainy and in snowy conditions and also look pleasant look. 

Rose Colored Sunglasses looks great on face and also helpful for the patients with migraines and photo-phobia to give relief. It also helps to reduce eye strain

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