How to Take Care of your Eyeglasses?

Provide proper maintenance and care to your eyeglasses. Follow the tips to keep your glasses clean as new.

The glasses you choose not only help you clear your vision but enhance your personality and style. People invest much time in choosing the perfect pair of glasses. You may also look for various eyeglasses frames, to decide between the perfect color and the right shape that can express your personality. Then there comes the time to wait impatiently for the call that your lenses have been fitted and you can pick up your glasses. You should wear your eyeglasses regularly. This means you need to take proper care so that these glasses last as long as possible.

Top Tips for Eyeglasses

Following are some great tips to help you give proper care to your eyeglasses and make them last longer:

1. Rinse

Whether you buy your eyeglasses online or you visit the shop, the entire process of choosing a perfect pair takes time. Taking care will ensure that your glasses will remain in perfect condition for a long time. You should always rinse your glasses with water before cleaning and wiping. This is important since small particles of dust and dirt get caught on the lenses. If you wipe on a dry lens, it can be abrasive.

What is an effective glass cleaner?

To securely clean your glasses at home, dish soap works well in place of cleaning solution or pre-moistened wipes. However, you should be careful to stay away from soaps with citrus bases or softeners because some of them might leave behind a residue. Because of this, we suggest Better Life’s Unscented Dish Soap.

2. Carefully Spray

If you need some chemicals to clean your eyeglasses, make sure that you use cleansers or sprays that are specially made for eyeglasses cleaning. You should never use household cleansers because they contain ammonia which can tear the coating over your lens.

3. Air Dry

You will be wearing your eyeglasses regularly, to avoid wear and tear of your glasses it is appropriate to air dry your glasses. It is a great way to avoid any particles sticking to your lens. Use a soft, clean, and lint-free cloth if you don’t have time to put your glasses down for air drying.

4. Use Appropriate Cloth

Using a napkin, tissue paper, or towel will damage your glasses. Never use these as they can easily scratch your lenses. These materials have a textured surface that can easily damage your eyeglasses. Some people often use their shirts to clean their glasses. The fibres in your shirt can scratch the lens over time. Dirt from your shirt can also get transferred to the lens.

Which cloth is specified to clean eyeglasses?

The only fabric that lens makers approve for cleaning eyeglasses is microfiber. It is a wipe used for mechanical cleaning, to get rid of anything that obstructs the view through the lens, including dust, dirt, water, and other debris. Wet wipes can be used on occasion.

5. Firm Grip

You should hold your eyeglasses frames by having a firm grip on the piece that crosses between the lenses, the bridge of the nose part. This will allow protection against the bending of your frame while you clean it. Your vision will be compromised with bent glasses and you will feel uncomfortable.

How should I position my glasses?

On the bridge of your nose, the ideal pair of glasses should be at ease. Your cheekbones or forehead shouldn’t be pressed against them. Additionally, they shouldn’t be positioned so closely to the tip of your nose that they slide off when you squint or wrinkle your nose. The nose fit decides how far out from your face your glasses should be.

6.  Keep Glasses in a Proper Place

When you are not wearing your glasses you should store them to protect them from dust, dirt, scratches, and breakage. You should find an appropriate sleek case. Get microfiber pouches to keep your glasses safe if you use glasses only for reading or working.

7.  Carefully Place Your Eyeglasses

Avoid placing your glasses with the lenses facing downward, as this can lead to unsightly scratches on the delicate lens surfaces. Protect your eyewear by always resting them with the frames facing down or using a dedicated eyeglass case to ensure their longevity and clarity. Taking this simple precaution will help maintain the pristine condition of your lenses, ensuring optimal vision and aesthetic appeal.

8.  Frequently Wash

Ensure your glasses stay in peak condition by washing them daily. This simple routine keeps your lenses clean, reducing eye strain and promoting better eye health. Clear, well-maintained glasses enhance visual clarity and comfort, allowing you to enjoy sharper vision effortlessly.

How often should I wash my eyeglasses?

To prevent scratches and maintain their finest appearance during the day, we advise washing your glasses every morning. Make sure your hands are clear of any debris or oils that might smear your lenses before cleaning your glasses.

Can Eyeglasses Be Repaired

You can get repair service for your eyeglasses. There isn’t any solution for broken eyeglasses. Once you break your glasses you will have to get a new pair.

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