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How Often Should You change your Nose Pads

how often should you change your nose pads

There’s much more to it than just buying the perfect eyeglasses. Keep in mind that it is essential to take care of them to serve you well and last a long time. Like other accessories, eyeglasses also need proper maintenance and care. This includes regular cleaning, changing nose pads, and checking for loose screws. These things play an important role in keeping your glasses comfortable for your face.

To keep your glasses in good condition, you must know the specific period for changing and replacing your nose pads. Take an eye on your nose pad’s loosening and tightening situation. If they’re too loose, your eyeglasses will continuously slide down your nose. And if they’re too tight, they’ll leave marks on your nose bridge. The good news is that nose pads are replaceable. This blog will tell you when to change your nose pads and how to replace nose pads in glasses quickly.

How often should you change your nose pads?

We all know nose pads are replaceable, but they lead to discoloration after a time. But they have to be changed after a while, so they don’t irritate. How often should you change nose pads, dependent on the material and how fast they wear off while using them? According to most people’s research, you should change your nose pads every six months or replace them frequently.

Replace nose pads with screws: 

Changing the nose pads is a breeze with screw-on, screw-in-style glasses. The essential step is to measure your nose pads, which range between 10 and 13 mm. Usually, the average nose pad length is 12 mm. Take a tape to measure them. The measurement will be taken from the top of one screw to the top of the other. Now that you know the exact measurement jump to the next steps.

Buy new nose pads:

After measurement, the next step is to buy new nose pads. You can easily find them at a nearby optical store or online. But while ordering or purchasing, get the right size and style according to the glasses. Buying the same nose pads as before is preferable because you are comfortable with them. Also, consider their material while purchasing. I recommend silicon nose pads to most people, as they’re comfortable.

Remove Old Ones:

Be careful while removing the old nose pads as you don’t want to break your glasses. Start using a screwdriver to take off the screw from one side with soft hands. Do the same step with the other side; your nose pads will come off immediately. Use a tiny file to help take them off if they stick anywhere.

Screw in the nose Pads:      

After removing the old nose pads:

  1. Place the new ones very carefully in the proper position.
  2. Once you have positioned them, screw them in.
  3. Start by inserting the screw into the holes on the side of the nose bridge mount.
  4. Don’t overtighten them, as it can break the plastic.
  5. Just crew them in with soft hands, and that’s it.

You successfully replaced the nose pad.


There are many reasons to replace the nose pads, and you should know when to change your nose pads. We hope this guide helped explain the timing for changing nose pads and how to replace your nose pads on glasses.

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