Can I wear Glasses without Nose Pads?

Glasses without Nose Pads

Can I wear Glasses without Nose Pads?

You can remove the nose pads from your glasses if you want to see what it feels like to wear glasses without nose pads. Sometimes, nose pads can be uncomfortable, leading to eye strain and nose pad pain, making the wearer want to buy a new pair of eyeglasses. Some eyeglasses don’t have nose pads, which can be advantageous for some people in different scenarios. The nose pads can be replaced and removed easily. Some nose pads are held with screws, while some snap in and out of place. You can test their feasibility by wearing your eyeglasses without nose pads before moving towards the saddle bridge frames, specially designed to rest on the nose with nose pads.

In this article, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of wearing glasses without nose pads. Also, you’ll find instructions on how to replace them and whether you can wear eyeglasses without nose pads or not.

Do nose pads on glasses become mandatory? 

Somehow, nose pads are not mandatory on glasses. However, some eyeglasses are better suited for removing nose pads than others. The nose pads on eyeglasses serve different purposes.

  • Nose pads are made of silicon, polycarbonate, or PVC, and they give comfort to your eyes by adjusting them on the nose bridge.
  • The nose pads keep the frame adjustable and squarely against the nose, preventing the glasses from being crooked or broken.
  • Nose pads are easily adjustable.

But besides these purposes, nose pads are not always feasible. Some wearers are allergic to the material the nose pads are made of; for example, some are allergic to metal. Some people find that nose pads are not comfortable. They are too tight and print marks on the nose bridge.

Can you remove nose pads by yourself? 

Nose pads are relatively easy to remove. So, before purchasing any new pair of frames without nose pads, you should try them on first. There’s no reason to suffer if you find your glasses uncomfortable. You may even be able to remove the nose pads by yourself by following some simple steps:

1. Measure your nose pads: 

Measure your nose pad across its length; nose pad sizes are typically in millimetres (mm). Nose pad sizes range from 6 to 24 millimetres.

2. Purchase Nose Pad Replacement: 

In addition to different sizes, nose pads come in various shapes: D-shape, oval shape, rectangle, and teardrop shape. Nose pads also come in different materials. Try to choose silicone nose pads because they are more comfortable than others.

3. Replace the nose pad on the mount: 

Some of the nose pads are snapped into place, and some of the nose pads are held in place with screws. So be careful while removing and replacing the nose pads.

4. Glasses Frames Without Nose Pads: 

Some frames are without nose pads and are called saddle bridge eyeglasses. Since the frame shape of the glasses is shaped like a horse’s saddle. The weight of the glasses is distributed evenly across the side and top of the nose.

Pros and Cons of Glasses Without Nose Pads: 

Suppose you’re confused over what type of glasses you have to choose, whether with nose pads glasses or glasses without nose pads. It’s essential to know about some pros and cons of glasses without nose pads.


  1. Frames without nose pads are suitable for children; they don’t feel discomfort while wearing glasses.
  2. They may be better for people with a distinct nose shape, and nose pads can hurt their noses.
  3.  If your eyeglasses don’t contain nose pads, you won’t even have to repair the nose pads.


  1. Frames that don’t contain nose pads have less opportunity for adjustment after purchase.
  2. They might not look good on your face or nose shape.
  3. Glasses may slip out during times when you move or bend.


You can easily remove the nose pads on your glasses, and you can surely wear your frames without nose pads. If your glasses frames kept slipping or were not adjustable on your nose, you might consider swapping them for a more comfortable feel and purchasing alternative saddle bridge frames.

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