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Can wearing glasses change your face look?

Glasses Change your Face Look

Can wearing glasses change your face look?

When you buy a new pair of glasses, you notice your face looks different. Is that mean something? Will glasses change your face’s look? But according to the facts, wearing glasses will not change how your face looks. It depends on the combination of your face shape and glasses shape, which can make your face wider or narrower. The type of frame you wear also alters the width of your face; because of that, some people think glasses change how their faces look.

This blog post discusses several factors to consider while buying a new pair of glasses, and we’ll try to figure out whether glasses change your face’s look or not.

How to pick the right frame for your face shape? 

The easy trick to maintaining your face look when wearing glasses is to find the perfect frame in peripheral vision and to avoid contact between the glasses frame and your face. It’s crucial to find the frames that suit your overall face shape.

Let’s look at different face shapes and choose frames according to the face shape.

Square Face: 

If you have a square face, thin round frames are best for you. The round frames balance out the jawline, and with less weight on top, they provide a softer look around the edges of your face. Cat-eye frames are also a great option for someone with a square face. Cat-eye frames have thick or thin lines at the top of the lens and angle inward to go over your cheekbone, giving your jaw a more angular and prominent appearance.

Slim Face: 

Oval-shaped and round frames are the best choices for people with slim faces. These frames accentuate your facial features by drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

Round Face: 

Clear frames are the best bet for round face shapes. These frames help soften the angles of your round face of a round face, prominent your jawline and add structure to your face.

Heart Face:

Cat-eye frames are an excellent choice for heart-shaped people. The tip is to find frames with an upward tilt, so with these frames, you can add more height and depth to the forehead area and minimise the width of the chin region.

Need to re-adapt to new glasses frames:

Sometimes when glasses were damaged, we didn’t replace them on time. We use them for extra time and continuously try to see the thing through these damaged old glasses. As a result, the old glasses remodelled your eyes according to the lens’s sight in the long-term process, and your eyes have adapted to the old glasses. As a result, when you buy a new pair of frames and put them on, even if the new glasses lens is the same as the old one with the same prescription, your eyes perceive them to be a little brighter. Because of this, your eyes produce some uncomfortable symptoms, so we recommend you use the new glasses early in the morning. After a few hours, the dizziness of the eyes disappears, and your eyes are adapted to the new glasses.

Wrapping Up: 

If you’ve ever wondered whether glasses alter the appearance of your face, you can rest assured that they don’t. But somehow, it depends on the frame you have. Choosing a frame that suits your face will help you maintain a more attractive and flattering appearance.

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