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What Eyeglasses Frames Look Best On Me?

Choosing the right eyeglasses becomes a complex task. Every day, new designs for eyeglass frames are coming into the market. Most people keep on changing their frames because they don’t know what best suits their faces and personality. Moreover, an expert opinion is sometimes needed to select the best frame for yourself as it plays an important role in the physical appearance of an individual.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Eyeglasses Frames:

Following are the necessary factors and tips to consider while choosing eyeglasses frames:

Face Shape:

Face shape plays a huge role when choosing the best eyeglasses. At the same time, it is very important to have knowledge about the shape and contour of your face before choosing eyeglasses. Following are some of the face shapes and eyeglasses frames that will go accordingly with the particular face shape.

Do glasses truly depend on facial shape?

Finding glasses that enhance your appearance is simpler if you are aware of the form of your face. Generally speaking, it makes sense to choose the opposite form. Rectangular spectacles can lend more definition to a round face but tend to overemphasize a square face, making it seem harsher.

1. Round Face:

Round faces have no angles and have almost the same width and length face. On such faces, square or rectangular frames will look best as they will make the face look thinner and longer.

On a round face, should your spectacles touch your cheeks?

When you grin, your cheeks shouldn’t rise up or your spectacles shouldn’t. They ought to instead rest peacefully over your face.

2. Oval Shape:

An Oval face is an ideal face type because of its balanced proportion. For such faces, choose frames which are wider than the broad part of the face. Walnut-shaped frames fit the best in such faces.

What facial shape do you think looks the best?

Your oval face is often longer than it is wide, with the forehead being the most noticeable feature. This shape is often thought to be the most appealing face shape, according to Papanikolas.

3. Square Face:

Square faces have a strong jaw and a broader forehead.  To match this proportion and to make it look longer and thinner, choose eyeglass frames that are oval or round in shape.

4. Diamond Face:

Diamond faces have narrow jawlines and foreheads with broader cheekbones. These kinds of face types are not commonly seen. To make such faces look softer, choose frames that are cat-eye or oval in shape.

5. Heart-Shaped Face:

Heart-shaped faces have a wider upper third and narrow lower third portion of the face making it look like a heart. For such faces, choose the frames which makes balance such proportion by reducing the broadness of the upper part of the face. Round or square eyeglasses frames will be the best choice for such faces.

Skin Tones and Eye Color:

Not only is the face shape important for choosing the frame but also the skin tone and eye colour as it plays an important role while choosing the frames that will look best on your face. Below are described the skin tones and the frames that will best match them:

1. Skin tone:

The skin tone of an individual is described as cool or warm. Warm skin tone has a yellow or golden undertone whereas cool skin tone has pink or blue undertones. Frame colors that will look best on warm skin tones are brown, gold, honey, tortoise, and olive green. Frame colors that will look best on cool skin tones are silver, pink, purple, black and grey.

2. Eye colour:

Eye colour also determines which eyeglasses will look the best on your face. Below are mentioned few suggestions for choosing the best eyeglasses frames according to your eye color:

a) Green Eyes:

Frames colour that will best pair or contrast with green eyes is brown, gold, pink, and purple.

b) Blue Eyes:

Frame colors that will pair or contrast best with blue eyes are blue, grey, brown, and tortoise.

c) Brown Eyes:

Frame colors that will pair or contrast best with brown eyes are golds, greens, and tortoise.

d) Hazel Eyes:

Frame colors that will best pair with hazel eyes are deep greens, greys, and gold tones.

Contact to help you Choose the Right Eyeglasses Frames

Choosing the right eyeglasses frames is very important as it determines the entire personality of an individual. If you are confused and need help picking the best frame, we at are here to guide you to choose the best option for yourself. Our team includes expert opticians that trained to provide their customers with the best service.

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