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Should Eyeglasses Cover Your Eyebrows?

Should eyeglasses cover your eyebrows

No matter if you are wearing glasses for the first time or have used them for years, the look and style of your glasses are as important as your vision. But you have this confusing question in your mind. Is it OK if your eyeglasses cover your eyebrows? It depends on the frames’ size, style, and thickness as to whether they may or may not cover your eyebrows.

Choosing glasses can be difficult because you must strike a balance between finding a style you like and one that fits your face. Eyeglasses will look different based on facial structure, skin tone, and eyebrows. Other than chunky or large-framed glasses, eyeglasses should not typically cover the eyebrows. Chunky eyeglasses have very thick rims, especially in the upper half. That’s why their bulky rims encroach on your eyebrow line.

Keep reading the blog, as we’ve uncovered the debate around whether eyeglasses should cover your eyebrows.

How do your eyeglasses fit with your eyebrows?

Your eyeglasses should be parallel to your brows, so they do not cover them. If you have thin or arched eyebrows, don’t buy square-shaped frames. When the brows do not match the glasses, it creates a distracting look or gives the impression that the glasses are out of place.

Allow half of your brow thickness to show above the frame to create the illusion that your glasses will never cover your entire brow. Frames can still partially cover the eyebrows but not fully, and that’s how it maintains the symmetry and aesthetic vibe between your eyeglasses and face.

Choose glasses frames with a balance of brow thickness and frame size that are the opposite thickness of your brows. As a rule of thumb, thin eyebrows look better with thicker frames, just as thick eyebrows look best with thin frames. Avoid wearing frames too large for your face if you have thick brows.

When choosing eyeglasses, eyebrows are considered an essential factor, but they should not be the determining factor like style and fit. Make sure your eyeglasses fit on your nose, showing how many eyebrows they cover.

Consider your face shape and eyebrows: 

Face shape is another important factor that works very closely with eyebrows. Choosing frames based on your face shape helps you highlight your facial angles and/or hide those using different angles of your glasses.

Some important tips when choosing glasses based on face shape:

Oval: Oval-shaped faces are the most versatile and often use bold frames. If you have an oval face shape, look for rectangular or square face shapes that will add some structure and an attractive look to your face.

Round: Round faces lack more angles as compared to oval face shapes. But you can create angles with your frames. Choose narrow or sharp-angled glasses that provide you with the perfect angle structure.

Heart: If you have a heart-shaped face, you should choose glasses that draw attention to the bottom part of the frame to make your chin appear wider and longer. Try oval or rounded frames that suit the best for heart-shaped faces.

These recommendations apply to both men and women, but sometimes you may find styles more suited to one gender than the other.

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What should you do if glasses cover your eyebrows?

There are two solutions to consider when eyeglasses cover your eyebrows. Consider these two options to help your eyebrows stand out behind frames:

  1. Let your eyebrows grow out, or apply some makeup that can help you highlight your eyebrows behind glasses. Fill them in with a simple eyebrow pencil and brush. You have to choose light strokes to keep it natural. Use a brow gel on your brows and highlight them.
  2. Try other new frames that follow our eyebrow guidelines that will help you compare different looks.


This article highlighted the important role of eyebrows in finding the right glasses that fit your face. Eyebrows are essential to your makeup look, so thankfully, eyeglasses are not supposed to cover your eyebrows. We hope these tips assisted you in locating the best glasses frames for your brow shape. 

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