Eyeglasses Frame suit your skin Tone

What Color eyeglasses suit your Skin Tone?

Although face shape is important when choosing glasses, it’s not the only important factor that determines which frame suits your skin tone. Your eye color, skin tone, and hair color also play an important role in choosing glasses. Buying eyeglasses is no different than buying clothes for yourself. Like clothes, makeup, or other fashion accessories, you prefer the colors that suit your skin tone, so you should think about which color frame suits your skin tone. However, when buying eyeglasses, the rule of thumb changes, and you look for the perfect pair with your face shape. But your skin is as important as your face shape in determining which color of eyewear will shape and amplify your overall look. So, on your next visit to eyeglasses shopping, pause for a second and think about “will this pair of eyeglasses complement my skin tone or not?”

So let’s clear the confusion, know your skin tone, and then eyeglasses according to your skin tone.

Skin Tone: 

Everyone’s skin tone ranges from light to medium, tan to dusky, and so on. But here’s where the question arises: what lies beneath your skin’s surface? A color underneath your skin’s surface imparts the skin a warm, cool, or neutral undertone.

So, think of it this way: if you have a cool skin undertone, the hue underneath your skin would be either pink, blue, or red. For those with a warm skin undertone, the shade underneath their skin is bronze, golden, or yellowish in hue, while those with a neutral skin tone have a mix of cool and warm undertones.

How to find the undertone: 

Not only in the case of eyeglasses, but the primary key to finding the perfect lipstick shade or testing the proper foundation for the skin is also simple, know your undertone. But you’re wondering how you can identify your undertone, whether it is cool, warm, or neutral. Don’t worry; here we introduce some simple steps to determine your skin undertone.

 1. White or Off-White Undertone Test: 

The easiest way to determine your undertone, whether white or off-white, is to put on a shirt or a dress in white or off-white. If you look better in white color, then your undertone is warm-toned. But if you look killer and more attractive in off-white, you have a cool undertone. And in other cases, if you look nice in both colors, you know you have a neutral undertone, a mix of cool and warm.

2. Silver or gold undertone test: 

Another way to test your skin’s undertone is wearing gold or silver jewelry. Then determine what your look says. You look flashy or bonny. If gold elevates your charm look, you’re a warm-toned person, and if silver flatters your look, you’re a cool-toned person. Oh! Gotcha! You say you look stunning in both. That’s where you have a neutral undertone, a mixture of cool and warm tones.

3. Vein Color Test: 

Another unique and interesting way to check your undertone is to check your vein color. Take a quick look at your wrist and determine whether you have a hint of blue, purple, or greenish vein color. A blue or purple hue indicates a cool undertone, and green veins indicate a warm undertone. And if your vein color is neither blue nor purple nor green, then you know what I will say.

Have you figured out yet how to find your skin’s undertone? That’s good. Let me find some cool frames for you according to your skin tone. Let’s start the search for some cool trendy frames.

Eyeglasses Frame Color that Suits Your Skin Tone

1. Warm-skinned frames: 

If you fall into the warm skin tone category, don’t go for contrasting colors such as pastels or any other color. White and black frames look fine on you but won’t make you stand out in a crowd. So, instead of contrasting and picking only white and black frames, go for light-tortoise, brown shades, gold, and olive green frames.

Octavia Metal Hexagon Eyeglasses.

Wondrous Brown Tortoise Eyeglasses

Bellow Golden Full Rim Eyeglasses

2. Cool Skin Tone Frames: 

With a cool skin tone, avoid colors like cobalt, bright orange, and yellow, which tend to overpower your tone. Apart from these colors, choose silver, black, transparent pink, purple, or blue. These colors look more stunning on you according to your skin tone.

Voldem Pink Eyeglasses

Diclasse Pink Transparent Eyeglasses

3. Neutral Skin Tone Top Frames: 

In neutral skin tones, there are no color limitations in finding the best frame for yourself. Every color is your color, and that’s the best news. We’ve got a round-up couple of frames that are on trend, cool, stylish, and promise to take your glam look to the upper level. Just take a look, and the rest of the decision is yours.

Yugen Maroon full rim Eyeglasses  

Areesh Transparent Eyeglasses

Assiduous Oval Eyeglasses 

Final Thoughts: 

 While this guide is the best starting point for finding the best eyeglasses frame to suit your skin tone, we believe you should wear whatever glasses frame color makes you happy and attractive. We’re here to help you select everything from frame color to lean coating and try to help you find the perfect one.

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