Common Myths about Eyeglasses

Blow your mind with some interesting facts and myths about eyeglasses. We often hear information so repeatedly that we begin to believe it. You can’t take every rumour seriously when it comes to your eye health. Don’t rely on any information that people provide you, it is significant to stay informed about the things that will provide you comfort and good eye health. Wear your eyeglasses regularly to avoid any further damage.

Here is a list of the most common myths about eyeglasses, clear your misconceptions:

Myth #1: You will be dependent on your eyeglasses.

There is no such thing as being dependent on glasses. Your eyes will remain the same, your glasses won’t be changing your eyes. If you feel like you should wear glasses more often it is because you are getting used to improved vision. You can find great eyeglasses online according to your requirement.

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Myth #2: Wearing the wrong prescription eyeglasses causes headaches and damages

Well if you wear someone else’s glasses or wear the wrong prescription ones for too long, you will not be able to see things clearly. This can lead you to feel dizzy, and you may also experience headaches but it does not damage your eyes. With a proper prescription, you can wear eyeglasses regularly without any difficulty.

Myth #3: The best way to protect your eyes from the sun is to wear sunglasses

The dark shade of your sunglasses doesn’t mean that they will keep your eyes safe and protected from sunlight. Clear eyeglasses frames with prescription lenses and UV-blocking agents can protect your eyes effectively. A UV-blocking agent helps in protecting your eyes while blocking the harmful rays of the sun. When you buy glasses ensure that they are not just dark but provide proper UV protection.

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Myth #4: You won’t need glasses if you are doing eye exercises

The shape of your eye, your underlying medical conditions, the health of your eye tissues, and several other factors contribute to the quality of your vision. Even if there are some benefits of eye exercises, you will still be needing eyeglasses.

Myth #5: You should take a break from regularly wearing your glasses it allows them to rest

It is completely wrong, if you intend to strain your eyes and tire them faster while damaging your sight then you can take a break. You need to use your prescribed glasses regularly. Wearing glasses all the time will prevent further weakening of your vision and other eye problems. If your glasses are lost or broken, you can order eyeglasses online.

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Myth #6: Poorly-fit glasses will damage your eyes

If you need better comfort and a clear vision you need to get glasses that fit you perfectly. Choose eyeglasses frames according to your face and need. Glasses that don’t fit properly do not impact your vision. You should keep your glasses adjusted properly as some prescriptions are designed according to their positioning on your face.

Myth #7: You won’t be needing glasses if you eat lots of carrots

Carrots contain vitamin A, which is healthy for your eyes, but eating fresh fruits and leafy vegetables is healthier. They can prevent eye conditions like age-related degeneration or cataracts. But the interesting fact is they can’t fix your eyesight. For that, you need to have eyeglasses.

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