Clubmaster Glasses: Ultimate Guide to Price, History, Styles, and Types

Clubmaster Glasses

Have you ever wondered why specific eyewear remains timeless despite changing fashion trends? Clubmaster glasses aren’t a passing trend—they’re a classic style celebrated for their unique design. The key feature is the top frame. It’s full-rimmed, usually made of plastic or metal, and sits prominently above the eyebrow for a sharp, defined look. This contrasts with the bottom part of the frame, which is typically half-rimmed or rimless, creating a lighter and more open feel.

This innovative design appears sleek and intelligent. Celebrities, thinkers, and ordinary people’s faces have been adorned with these timeless frames for many years. But what makes them so well-liked? This comprehensive guide delves deeply into the world of Clubmasters, examining their varieties, histories, styles, and price ranges. 

History Of Clubmaster Glasses

The Clubmaster glasses have their roots in the 1950s. A groundbreaking design by the renowned American eyeglass company Bausch & Lomb emerged during a time dominated by round and oval frames. These spectacles, dubbed “The Clubmaster,” are also pronounced browline. The design quickly became popular because of its distinctive fusion of refinement and masculinity, especially with males.

As the counterculture movement grew in the 1950s and 1960s, Clubmasters became increasingly popular because of the glasses’ unique attitude and the admiration of intellectuals, musicians, and artists. Wearing Clubmasters further cemented their relationship with social consciousness and intellect.

Styles And Designs Of Clubmaster Glasses

Styles And Designs Of Clubmaster Glasses

The distinctive browline of Clubmaster glasses is what makes them unique. The upper frame, often composed of metal or plastic, rests distinctly above the eyebrow and gives the face a defined pointed appearance. Depending on the style, the browline can vary in size, from subtle and slender to bold and prominent. On the other hand, the bottom part of the frame is usually rimless or only partially rimmed. Compared to full-rimmed spectacles, this gives the impression of being lighter and more airy.

Beyond the traditional form, Clubmaster glasses are available in various designs to accommodate a range of tastes. These are a few of the most often-used variations:

  • Full-rim Clubmasters: These have a complete frame surrounding the lens but maintain the traditional browline shape.
  • Half-rim Clubmasters: The most iconic design, including a distinct bottom half and a full browline, is the half-rim Clubmaster.
  • Keyhole Bridge Clubmasters: They have a unique bridge with a cutout in the shape of a keyhole, which adds a little bit of retro flare.
  • Metal Clubmasters: A sleeker, more contemporary version of the traditional style with a metal frame and browline.
  • Plastic Clubmasters: A wider variety of colors and designs are available in the original Clubmaster material.

Price Of Clubmaster Glasses In Pakistan

Local brands are generally more affordable compared to international designer labels. Some Pakistani stores do, however, provide premium Clubmaster designs at affordable costs. According to the global market, acetate or titanium frames will cost more than plastic ones. The overall level of artistry and building will influence the price. Find respectable optometrists who emphasize high-quality components and craft. The total cost will rise dramatically if prescription lenses are included. Think about anti-reflective coatings, lens materials, and lens shapes. Clubmaster glasses in reasonable condition may be found between Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 3,000 (about $11 to $22), perhaps from local firms.


Clubmaster glasses are a classic style with a lengthy history. They are versatile and ideal for those seeking an effortlessly elegant look, blending refinement, intellect, and a touch of rebellion. So, embrace the tradition and select a pair of Clubmasters to uplift your style since they are relatively inexpensive to buy in Pakistan. One well-known brand to purchase these glasses online is EasySight in Pakistan.


What makes Clubmaster glasses so well-liked?

Few sunglasses appeal to people worldwide, regardless of age. Over the years, even as fashion has evolved, the Clubmaster design has remained in a league of its own because of its distinct blend of fashionable and timeless.

Who wears Clubmaster?

Clubmaster sunglasses are unisex, so men and women alike can wear them. This makes them an excellent option for people who desire a more androgynous or masculine appearance.

Do Clubmasters hold up well?

The Clubmaster’s frames are made of acetate, and the nose pads are made of nylon. They’re not very strong, but they’re also not very fragile. People never experienced any issues with them bending out of shape or exhibiting indications of misuse, even though they felt flimsy and easily broken.

Are Clubmasters comfortable?

Clubmasters can vary in comfort. They are often comfortable because of their lightweight, half-rimmed form. The fit is essential, though. To prevent pressure spots, look for adjustable temples and nose cushions. Pre-purchase fittings are imperative!

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