Blue Cut Lenses are the best solution to Digital Harm

Blue light is also known as High Energy Visible (HEV) light. It is the portion of a light spectrum ranging from 380- 550nm, and it exists everywhere.

It is noticed that blue light majorly comes from digital gadgets like smartphones, laptops, computers, office lighting these days. It may cause harm to the light-touchy cells in the retina of your eye.

How is Blue Light damaging our eyes?

White light has seven segments of colors. The Blue segment is the biggest in white light. When you use digital gadgets exessively, the blue light not only damages your eyes’ retina but also causes various not ending eye-related medical issues.

  • Digital Eyestrain

Eyestrain is the reason for overexposing your eyes to the digital screen. Eyestrain is a kind of headache and occurs when your stare at the screen for a long time. Your eyes have a connection with your brain, and that’s why you feel the headache. Digital eyestrain can aalso cause problems like dry eyes, blurry vision, back and neck pains, etc.

  • Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Age-related macular degeneration affects the middle part of your eyesight. It usually occurs when you reach the age of 50s and 60s. AMD does not cause complete blindness but makes your everyday activities like recognizing faces and reading difficult. Its risk factors include hypertension, obesity. 

  • Difficulty in sleeping

Blue light affects your body’s ability to plan for sleep. It blocks the Melatonin hormone in your body. This hormone is responsible for rest. You will sleep timely and fulfill your need for rest if this hormone is rich in your body.

Protection and Solution by EASYSIGHT

EASY SIGHT is on a mission to help you to protect your eyes from the dangerous effects of blue light.You can choose your glasses based on gender, color, size, material, shape, Rim, and other features you like. 

1) Blue Cut Digital Lens/ Glasses

You can use these glasses for reading, driving, and working on digital devices.

  • EASYSIGHT Reading Glasses: 

            These glasses consist of high-quality materials like TR, acetate, and others. So you can keep your choices of fashion in priority. The reading glasses provided by EASY SIGHT are reliable, durable, and best for vision.

          These glasses consist of three lens type:

  1. Single Vision Lenses, having one near vision area.
  2. Bifocal Lenses, having both the near and distance area.
  3. Multi-power Progressive Lenses, having near, far, and intermediate vision. This lens is best for entire-day usage.

You can use these glasses for indoor e-reading like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Also, for outdoor solo reading like reading books or playing on a tablet or phone while enjoying the sunshine at a pool or beach

  • EASYSIGHT Driving Glasses:

The blinding sun rays in the daytime and glaring lights in the nighttime may damage your eyes badly. EASYSIGHT Driving Glasses provide you feasibility either you drive in day or night. These glasses have an anti-glare coating that protects your eyes while driving.

 Why choosing EASYSIGHT Driving Glasses:

  • 100% UV Blockage and Anti-glare protection.
  • Improved visual sharpness in foggy and rainy days.
  • Prescription and non-prescription both are available.

EASY SIGHT Computer Glasses:

Workaholic people spend much time in front of digital devices and are affected by eye strain, blurred vision, trouble sleeping, headaches, and heteromyopia. 

To protect you from all the issues, EASYSIGHT offers Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses. These glasses are available with and without the prescription number. 

2) Workstation Layout

Arranging workstation layout is necessary to reduce eye strain while using screens. For example, the top of the monitor should be in line with your eyes and 20- 30 inches away. It means that you should look down on the screen by 15-20 degrees to see its center.

3) Workplace Lighting

You put more stress on your eyes while working in less ambient light. Similarly, a very bright light coming from a window can disturb your eyes while working. It may create flash from in front or behind the screen that also hurts the eyes.

An ideal workplace organization would be the window is perpendicular to your computer screen. It will provide natural light without glare or flash.

4) New Screen Settings

You should adjust the brightness of your screen as it is the simplest way to reduce eye strain. To match the ambient light of your environment, increase or decrease the brightness. Hence your eyes do not have to deal with the contrast.

5) Blue Light Filters

Major operating systems have considered the blue light dangers and provided filters to protect your eyes from blue light. Night mode on Android, Nightshift on iOS and Mac OS, and the Settings of Blue Light in Windows 10, All of these facilitate users to reduce blue light emission automatically and set times. Physical filters for blue light are also available to use for screens.

6) Eye Nutrition

You should intake rich nutritious food to support your eyes’ natural protection. Nutrients like zeaxanthin and lutein are naturally present in foods like kale, spinach, and leafy greens, while meso-zeaxanthin in certain fish are very effective. You can add some other nutritious supplements to your food for daily intake.


Your eyes are an asset for you to do anything in your life. They can be affected by damaging rays emitting from your daily-use gadgets and devices. To work constantly and progressing more, you should protect your eyes by choosing quality lenses/ glasses, manage your workstation, and eat healthy food. Stay healthy, stay safe!

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