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5 Signs Your Eyeglasses Frames Don’t Fit

Have you noticed people frequently pushing their eyeglasses back up to the top of their noses? This often signifies ill-fitting eyeglass frames. If you find yourself doing the same, it might be time to consider getting a new pair.

When you visit an optical store, they typically allow you to try on various frames before making a purchase. However, if you’re buying eyeglasses online or lack this try-on option, ensuring a proper fit becomes crucial.

Keep in mind that not all eyeglass frames are universally suitable for every face shape. Therefore, it’s essential to strive for a perfect fit. In this article, we’ll discuss five clear indicators that reveal your frames aren’t fitting well. So, let’s get started:

Signs to see if your Eyewear glasses fit you perfectly:

Pushing your eyeglasses back up is not the solution and you must simply take a step to avoid this hassle. We have gathered 5 signs to let you know that it’s time you must consider buying new eyewear glasses:

1) Nose Sliding:

One of the major signs is nose sliding even when you slightly tilt your head. Before buying eyewear glasses, you must check that they must fit your nose bridge perfectly. As eyeglasses frames are an investment as you wear them not just for the style but for other purposes such as to improve your vision, to protect your eyes from blue light, etc. It is recommended to choose frames with nose pads so that you can adjust them according to your nose.

2) Loose Frames:

Sometimes, after investing a lot of time and money, you choose the perfect eyewear glasses for yourself but they still feel loose. Even though they do not slide down your nose but you feel like the frames are not tight enough especially around your ears. This is another sign that you need to get your eyeglasses fixed. In case, your glasses are old, then you must consider investing in new ones.

Do eyeglass frames become less tight with usage?

As you wear your glasses over time, the temples can gradually stretch due to regular use. Consequently, the frames may fit less snugly on the sides of your face, potentially leading to a looser and less secure feel. Regular adjustments can help maintain a comfortable fit.

3) Pinching:

You might have seen two red spots on some people whenever they take off their glasses. The eyeglasses are supposed to be set on the nose bridge without causing any discomfort. But in case, you are wearing metal frames with nose pads and the weight is not distributed evenly, that can leave marks on your nose. It is important to visit an optician so that they can make the right adjustments.

How can you quickly remove eyeglass marks?

On persistent spectacle markings, this is a miracle worker. On the marks, apply fresh aloe vera gel. Put it on at night and wash it off in the morning with cold water. After following this regimen consistently for a month, you will see noticeable benefits.

4) Tightness:

Do you feel uncomfortable wearing your eyeglasses because of the extreme tightness? If the frames feel too tight around your cheeks and ears, this is another sign that your frames do not fit perfectly.

Can I wear tight-fitting glasses?

Never let your spectacles feel uncomfortable on your face or perhaps too obvious. In fact, many who have worn glasses for a long period may find it simple to forget about them. Likewise, they shouldn’t be overly flimsy or unstable.

5) Eye Strain:

Last but not least, eye strain is another obvious sign that shows you need to fix the fitting of your eyeglasses. Many people ask this question: can eyeglasses cause headaches? The answer is yes. Your eyes can get strained if your eyeglasses don’t fit perfectly according to the pupillary distance or PD. A pupillary distance is the distance between your pupils and that must be measured correctly for the lens prescription otherwise, you can have blurry vision, eye strain, or headaches.

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